Never before a letter change meant so much.

Grab the future with your own hands.

The walletever ecosystem started as a project in 2019 as a response to economic-driven factors affecting the well-being of the global population.

The financial gap wasn't the only reason triggering the development of a miner-funded decentralized platform. Other critical factors worth noting were:

  • The increase of political ideologization in the management of the State at any level.
  • The financialization of the production apparatus
  • The reinvention of the full-time employment position through demotion or outsourcing to third-party entities, without benefits and at a fraction of the market value.
  • The robotization and automatization of the labor.
  • Promote equal capital distribution by creating innovative productivity-driven financial services that aren't following fiat-modeled culture or functionalities.
  • The consolidation of global commercial juggernauts that are forcing local small businesses toward bankruptcy.

walletever is not a charity

DeFi as a Platform is the foundation of equal access economics, a philosophy followed by walletever in the pursuit of improving the living standards of the people by establishing an independent framework for capital formation within the neighborhood boundaries covering personal growth, fractional ownership through small businesses financing and incentives, that will impact the physical surroundings.

walletever is ironing the road for a happier community living through the implementation of co-responsibility measures leading to self-sufficiency as the ultimate goal for neighborhoods and their citizens. It plans to achieve those milestones with no corporate-like hierarchical management structure allowing neighborhoods to customize their needs, aims, and objectives accordingly.

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